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Global warming has eventually happen during the time being, but yet the people only realize this environment issue since the year of 2005. Why has it taken so long to allow us to be alert that the earth has greatly affected by greenhouse gas? Why did it only happen last year? Did the advance of science and technology rather improve humans’ lifestyle but have given our precious earth an unrecovered wound? The curiosity into different issues has allowed us to expand our thinking and it triggers us in vast questions. Do people acknowledge the awareness of protecting their environment? Are this people well taught in understanding the terrible affects? Is there any research and information provided by the government to prove that this is harming our life and the future? Will this modern society help us to live a better luxury life? These are the questions that lead us into different form of strategy. The benefit of working in these project allow us to think deeply to come out with a solution that can effectively improve the behaviour of the community, not only understanding the issue and effect but also comprehend what are the behaviour should be long term practise.  

Throughout the brainstorming we have understand that building a sustainable community can allow us to develop an even effective and energy save environment; the evolve of contemporary science can give us a different kind of lifestyle, variety of invention can easily changes human way of life, but do those new technology gives us sustainable develop or a devastated? It is unclear how much of today’s climate change is caused and the people do not really know if we should do anything; modern technology has given us luxury life and this had cover the inconvenient truth behind the scene, we do not really the how disgust is global warming is. 

The topic of comprehensively acknowledges the modern technology and contemporary science is amplitude, as a communicator it would be hard to manage this subject likewise technology is developing everyday, there will not be any certainty solution to provide our audience how to reduce the levels of atmospheric greenhouse ejaculation; It maybe hard for all audience to understand the philosophy of science and the benefit from it. Thus we have narrow down our investigation on providing effectual information on building a sustainable future; the basic terms of to construct an environment friendly community is to learn and to understand the knowledge of recycle.  

Recycle can be simple that everyone can afford to put in practise, and it is important to take this practise in advance; the climate change has been faster in the pass, we have to do it now to save the earth from greenhouse effect. The fundamental of recycle practise is to start learning how to identify the material so that it enable us to understand the resources that are able to be reuse. Somehow the term of recycle is unclear to people, they are not aware that recycle can effectively reduce the emission of global warming and recycling can help to reduce the usage of energy. The meaning of recycle acts are to reuse things again in the original form or with minimal alteration, to pass through a cycle again repeat a process from the beginning and to undergo renewal, to be further use. The things that is renewable such as cans, milk bottles, cordial bottles, telephone books, cloths, computer, furniture, paper, ink cartridges and toner; the benefit of green technology improvement is that it allow us to have less unsustainable stuff. Due to the fact that unsustainable item cannot be disposal, it can gradually pile up and become garbage to the environment. Recycle may seem to have a lot of consideration, but other than that there are ways that are able to save the earth from global warming. Reduce the amount of using plastic bags, by using recycle bags to replace plastic bags can increasingly reduce the energy of producing plastic bags and reduce the amount of unsustainable waste; take shorter showers keep it to under 5 minutes instead of the average 8 minutes; switch appliances off at the power point of plug wherever possible, and more if people have air conditioning set the thermostat to 20 minis in winter and 26 degree in summer time or set air conditioning 10 to 20 minis before you go to bed; reduce the usage of energy can decrease the amount of greenhouse gases emission.  

There are a lot of benefit in doing recycle not only saving energy; by recycling one aluminium can you can save enough energy to run a television set for three hours, and recycling one tonne of paper you can save 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100kWh of electricity, 4 cubic metres of landfill and 31,780 litres of water. Also every week, one recycling household in Melbourne its saves over 3 kilograms of greenhouse gases such CO2 that would other wises contribute to global warming and enough electricity to run a 40 watt light bulb for 72 hours. So that we can reduce out energy, save our money and recycling goods, all of that can helps reduce CO2, helps global from getting warming, helps iceberg from melting and helps prevent disaster. 

Greenhouse effects have emerged vast climate changes to the earth, this changes has brought us more and more disaster. Global warming practically produce atmospherics changes, the heat that the earth is absorbing will leads to more fires, more storms, more extinctions and more death. The increasing of nature disaster had made an arisen of 200,000 dead per year. Climate changes has become even faster every year, yet this issue does not alert the people. Why has it taken for so long? We have brought out a survey to find out whether do the people aware the issue of global warming, and the meaning of “sustain”. During the journey of handing this survey to the people, we realize that there is many people do not understand the meaning behind the word neither “sustain” nor “recycle”. The people understand what are the issue, and day by day the climate has become hotter or colder, but pathetically they do not know the meaning behind words. According to the dictionary “sustain” means to continue, and “recycle” means to reuse. Why simple word can be hard neither to understand nor to sagaciously take action? Is it because they do not know what are the effective actions? 

The media has been selling and promoting the issue of global warming and the city of Melbourne has also developed an impression range of environmental policies and programs to create more sustainable and liveable city. Yet why would people not doing their reasonability to protect the earth from greenhouse gas? According to Reinar Renee a lecturer from RMIT Communication Design, the media has done their job on conveying the message of global warming and also effectively illustrate the issue to the audience. But they are not aware that gradually people are numb with the issue and take climate changes for granted. The truth is always hard to be accept, lies are just something to make you happy, being the “earth creature” it is our responsibility to sagaciously and actively react over protecting the earth.  

The types of media that have involved in our research are mostly documentary and publication. The movie “An Inconvenient Truth” (2005) and The book “Cradle to Cradle” (2002) has lead us to develop depth thinking in understanding global warming and greenhouse effect. Politics has somehow imply in eco-awareness, hence people could not succeed without having the support from the government, it is everybody responsibility to keep the earth in a healthy condition; likewise collaboration would allow us to develop an even effective green evolution. On The other hand, politics bring out issues and educate people the issues easily; they have stronger voices than ordinary people; their voices enable to make this subject to be more conspicuousness, which allow people to be even alert in this subject.  

Global warming is a reflection of human behaviour; atmospheric climate changes are essentially form by humans’ unwholesome activities and habits, the alarm has occurred for several years ago, but yet people have not effectively react over this issues. According to Al Gore, the USA formal Vice President, said that “seems like there are some hiding in bottom of people’s mind to block them not to care about this issue”. We can see and feel the impacts of climate changes; Human selfishness has stop us from acknowledge the truth, they do not want to believe in what they are seeing, reluctant to accept the atmospheric changes then to react over it, likewise people are escaping from facts by choosing to believe in lies that makes them happy. 

McDonough and Braungart (2002), the authors of “Cradle to Cradle” wrote that some material could be affecting to our lives, health, environmental and future because the fact is that some of this material contains harmful chemical. The authors also mention “An electric hand mixer emitted chemical gases that got trapped in the oily butter molecules of the cake batter and ended up in the cake, be careful because we might unintentionally be eating the appliances”. The tend for News to report the problematic appearance of product, such as chemical from appliances released and lead to cancer, has been increasing this shows that the products in the world nowadays are actually mainly designed by designers. In deed, designers are treated as leaders who stands the first to protect the whole world, thus designers should practice and to acknowledge the facts and the important of green act; designers are the pristine draftsman, they decide and choose what are the kind of material to used to produce something, the ways they choose is actually the way of reducing the dangers that bring to the environment. 

Designers and educator always rely on the media, the fact is that media is a common and affective method to convey message to the public. The main definition for media indicates advertising, branding, publication, TV, Internet, radio and other more. Hence that this has leaded us to the decision of interviewing people from this field, the benefit from it is that to understand their perspective of view. During an interview with Daphne, a designer who are currently undertaking PhD of Applied Communication in RMIT and also an instructor in Jin Wen University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, she believes media is one of the important way to educate people to be aware about the graveness of global warming; verbal, vocal and visual are also needed when it encounter different type of audience, it should be undertake further consideration on using different strategy. The issue of why action against global warming have been taken so long, makes Daphne believes that the government stands an important role to educate people to understand the concept of sustainability. However, it is a conflicting position as in because the government may have to cover some truth, for example the car industry is one of the biggest main industries in the USA, but vehicle can affect the condition due that it produce Carbon Dioxide that can increase the amount of greenhouse gases emission, the government yet have to protect this following industry, because if the industry have to cut down the labor use in it, then the drop of unemployed employees will affect the countries economic condition. This action will lead an uneven balance in neither eco-awareness nor the country growth.  

Why did global warming awareness are only been raised since last few years? Why have it been taken so long? The environment has changed and become unusual since many exceptional natural disasters that had been happen within these few years. For instance, the Tsunami disaster in 2004, tornado in Taiwan, snows decrease in Russia, and other. Daphne had agreed that global warming is a kind of cause and affect that reflected humans’ behaviors that “ The Earth is now making a counter attack”. She believes that the Western countries are promoting this issue to their community more compare to the Asia countries, the Western are doing it even more advance. Most of the Asian countries are still a developing country, it is also because Asian government may force to legislate and let citizens to get used in it first. She emphasize that the way to educate them is to stimulate them, letting them to know this is related to their vital interests, daily life, and living standard of their next generation. Advertising would be one of a good media to do so, visual language are the strongest language and it can convincingly convey the message even better to highlight the issue, using visual can excite the bottom of their heart; She believes that designers, which are engaged in academy do not carry any burden and contradiction, it is easy for them to expand the information of green education to the people.  

The city of Melbourne has developed an impressive range of environmental politicizes and programs to help their community to understand the issues and solution in eco-awareness and recycle. There are resources provided to the community to allow them acknowledge what are the things should be done, yet why are there people that do not react over it? Is it the government that did not highlight it even more clearly or they just do not understand the basic meaning? People’s behavior has triggers us to investigate that how many percentage of people in the community understand the meaning of “recycle”. We come out with a survey for people that ask question of how much do they understand recycle; the benefit of this survey is letting them to comprehend what are they actually be doing to the environment, this can also arise their awareness against to the environment. The observation that gains from doing this research had made us realize that recycle do help to improve the environment and reduce global warming; rather than people from other countries, higher amounts of Asians are conclude that do not really understand the actual meaning of “recycle” and things that can be sustainable. Moreover, comparing with the people who lives in the suburb area, there are not many people from the city have a habit of doing recycled, as what they mentioned, it is due to the reason that the environment they are living do not provide them appropriate recycle facility such as the recycle. There are no ways for them to do recycle even though they would like to do so. Furthermore, we realize that most of the people who have already work understand the concept of “green acts” more than the students.  

The reflections has lead us to different outcome, and educating the future generation to love their environment so that they would not turn on to taking atmospherics changes for granted.  After several progressions that we had proceed, we find that educating kids is a good start on building sustainable community. At present, olden days behaviour are no longer be a concession to remain. People are yet not familiar in doing recycle and not yet developing behaviour of abstinence; the more energy we use, the more we need to produce, and this will lead to the increase of Carbon Dioxide.  

Due to the fact that our target audience are children between age 4 to 12, we have build an animation that are rather simple and easy to be understand. There will be three components, and each component will be an introduction and two-chapters story. The introduction will be introducing global warming, using simple ways to allow them to roughly understand how and what is global warming. Follow by the two-chapters story will be instruction on what are the things that they should do to save the earth from global warming. The concept we have for this animation is based on children imagination, the instruction that will be teach are things that should be continuously react so that it could effectively protect the earth. The main instruction, which we want to educate them, is to separate trash wisely and not to waste. The present human bean does not practice the habit of separating their trash; separating trash will enable to reduce energy use.  

Children are innocent young human bean, they tend doing things without knowing the cause behind everything. We should educate them on understanding the meaning of recycle and to be more conserve in using or doing anything. On the following chapter, is about teaching children to learn how to save their food and water. By using daily routine activity, we believe it can effectively build a habit for them to be abstinence. In actual fact, wasting resource can increase the usage of energy; by reducing water consumption, improving water quality and waste management can municipality’s environmental performance particularly by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions. Finally we will construct the animation into a website, the reason of having the final outcome as a website is because now a days digital technology has already become advance. By using technology as a media to replace traditional printing outcome can effectively reduce using energy and resources usage, this can save us from using nature resource and create unnecessary waste; we must reduce our levels of greenhouse emissions, we must do it now. Moreover, the benefit of using digital format document is that this document will not disappear easily, present children can handle technology and they are able to use computer to search for interesting website. The idea of applying animation into the website will enable to arise the attractiveness’ in learning about the environment. 

The benefit of this proposer is that it is able to provide proper information to parents to guide their children how to love and to protect their environment. We believe family are a congregation community, and children are the hopes of the future. They are the basic unit that build what kind of future structure form, educating the children enable to build ideal community, this will assist to improve things from the worse. Assuetude is build by daily practice, we need to educate our future to structure a habit of doing recycle, and they need to understand the issues from learning how to love their environment. If we impregnate them with information of recycling and habits of abstinence can save the earth from global warming, then gradually they will be able to imbue habits recycling for granted, it is similar to that children watch cartoons that tells super hero save the earth by love and justice from bad guys, this implant had made them believes that there is super hero that save the earth. Lets use education to allow the children to acknowledge the solution of saving the earth, so that they can help to provide the community a better environment and give them a more environment friendly neighbourhoods. Let them live in an unpolluted environment. 

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